AI: The Style File (Public)

Step 1: Paste into space below 3-5 paragraphs of text you’ve written that you’re proud of or think sound especially like you.

Note 1: This needs to be your own text. As tempting as it might be to use someone else’s words that you think sound better than your own, that’s not the point here. Remember: be yourself; it’s what you’re best at.
Note 2: Use text from your emails, socials, or marketing materials, not your fiction. Those voices/styles are not the same, and it’s not especially helpful to know that your narrative voice is “suspenseful” when you’re just trying to write an email about your trip to Ikea or whatever.

Step 2: Hit Evaluate, then copy the results and save them somewhere. Going forward, when you are using these EOA tools or your own ChatGPT install to write your emails or marketing copy or whatever, use these descriptors to help it sound more like you.

Your writing sample (3-5 paragraphs):

Your results (be patient while it generates):