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    • June 24, 2024 at 8:39 pm #4512

      Mine turned out more like a sugar Christmas cookie and still needs all the decorations! I’m hoping to wrap up the editing by next month.

        April 23, 2024 at 11:21 pm #2204
        • How big is your list currently?

        Around 300

        • What have been the main sources of your subscribers?

        A few from the back of my books, and most from a promo from Cravebooks for list builders.

        • Generally speaking, what percentage of new subscribers makes it through your onboarding?

        Not sure because I don’t think the ones on my list used my new welcome sequence. I’ll say from “back of the book people” most survive the purge hahaha

        • Are you happy with your open rates? (You can share them but you don’t have to.)

        I am! Most of the time is between 40% to 50%… my clicks are another story, around 10%

        • Are there any big list-building mistakes you wish you hadn’t made?

        I tried one of the crave book promos mainly to start a list that will force me to write emails, and that work out well, but then I signed for a second one and that was a disaster. Too many people and no one cared about my emails. I ended up cutting most of them out, like 90% of those.

        I wish I had a better welcome sequence from the beginning and that I had written more emails when I started.

        • Any specific choices that you think have really paid off in your list-building?

        Sending two emails per month is working. I feel my readers expected them and my unsubscribes have decreased.

        And the purge sequence with the main timer, works wonderful!

        • Before sitting down and doing the worksheet, what would have been your number one recommendation for list-building?

        Try one or two list building promos and have a reader magnet

        • After doing the worksheet, would you make a different recommendation now?

        Have a reader magnet! First and for more.

          April 18, 2024 at 10:35 am #2141

          Usually weekdays but Thursdays between 10am and noon will be my preference, but I can work a later time around 1-2pm or after 6pm. Weekends are off limits for me as those two days are for my daughter and I with no work/homework related it. Have to enjoy her before she changes me for her friends!