AI: Book Recommendation Email Generator for Donna

This tool is intended to generate a first draft email based on your inputs about a book you want to recommend to your subscribers. This is the beta version!

Answer the questions below, then click “Generate” to get a draft email.

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When/why/how did you first encounter or decide to read the book? Is it an old favorite or a new one? Was it recommended/assigned to you? Did you just like the cover? Etc.

What’s your relationship with the author? Do you know them personally? Are you a long-time fan or are they a new-to-you author?

What’s your previous experience with books by this author and/or books in this genre? Have you ever read a book by this author before, and if so did you like it? Have you read other books in this genre before? How did those previous experiences (or lack thereof) inform your expectations as you picked up this book?

What did you like or dislike about this book? Be specific! But try not to be too jargon-y. Things to consider: character development, plotting, pacing, writing quality. Did the ending satisfy and/or surprise? Genre-dependent things to consider highlighting: suspense or excitement level, spice/heat level, gore level, specific tropes, subversion of tropes. 

Do you recommend it, and why or why not? Briefly (in one or two sentences at most) explain whether you recommend the book to your readers, and why or why not.

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The Refinery

If you’re not happy with the results you got, paste the copy below and tell the generator what edits/changes/rewrites you want done; it will generate a new version. You can do this until you have something you can work with.

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